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Robert D. Van Valin



This paper presents the Role and Reference Grammar [RRG] (Van Valin 2005) analysis of three–place predicates. RRG takes a primarily lexical approach to the analysis of three–place predicates and the coding alternations they enter into. There is an interesting range of typological variation with respect to how languages realize three–place predicates morphosyntactically, and this will be a major focus of this discussion. RRG is a monostratal theory, and therefore analyses involving underlying syntactic representations and movement rules are excluded in principle. Hence some of the phenomena associated with these predicates present an interesting challenge for monostratal theories like RRG. The languages to be discussed include English, Croatian, German, Indonesian, Kinyarwanda, Yaqui, Dyirbal, Saliba and Kayardild.



Role and Reference Grammar; three–place predicates; semantic representation; universal grammar


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