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Azizollah Dabaghi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., University of Isfahan, Iran

Marzieh Rafiee, University of Isfahan, Iran



Evidences exist that language learners can benefit from the incidental process of language

learning in different ways. The present study tries to investigate the effects of incidental

vocabulary learning in the form of different gloss types (L1 and L2) through the application

of State Rating Tasks, which show the change of state of vocabulary knowledge in

learners. Also this study attempts to shed more light on the relationship between the incidental

vocabulary learning through the form of gloss types and development of Receptive

and Productive vocabulary knowledge among learners. The participants were presented a

list of twenty L1 and L2 glosses and they were required to read the passage by the use

of these glosses. One version of State Rating Tasks was administered among participants

in two data times, one before and one after the treatment, to show the change of state

in participants’ knowledge. The findings show that incidental learning of vocabulary by

the application of gloss types increases participants’ knowledge states from lower states to

higher, but regarding the type of glosses, this change varies. The analysis of SRT shows

that participants received L1 gloss type outperformed the other group with respect to the

Productive vocabulary knowledge, while L2 gloss type was more beneficial for increasing

Receptive vocabulary knowledge.


Key words

Incidental vocabulary learning, students’ vocabulary, gloss types, State Rating Tasks, receptive and productive vocabulary knowledge


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