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Original scientific paper (GER)

Olga Nikitina, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Leo Tolstoy University, Tula




The article tries to detect the discourse indicators of neologisms during different development
stages (the creation, the usualization and the lexicalization). «Discourse indicators« are diverse
linguistic means which can help to recognize the lexical innovation in the discourse and to
ensure their understanding. These indicators draw the attention of the discourse recipient to
some formal and/or substantive peculiarities of the language use and implicate general guidelines
for the interpretation of an innovation. The innovations in the individual discourse arise mostly
inadvertently in the communication flow and the number of the individual innovations used for
the first time is relatively low. Therefore the discourse indicators of innovations in the initial
stage can only be detected if they originate from the opinion–forming public personalities. On the
contrary, during the usualization stage, when the innovation is being progressively established
in the language community, some discourse indicators are used which let the discourse recipient
identify and interpret the innovation correctly. A distinction is made between the discourse
characterizing and content–related indicators. The necessity of the discursive indication depends
on the communicative situation, on the anticipated discourse recipient and in particular of the
assessments and intentions of the discourse producer. The absence of any discourse indicators
can be considered as a sign of a completed lexicalization of a neologism and its establishment
as an integral part of the general vocabulary.



discourse indicators, lexical innovations, neologisms, lexicalization, German language

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