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Cintia Carrió; Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas



This paper sets to explore the behavior of motion verbs and verbs of locative state in the Mocoví language. We intend to examine the various constructions presented by this language when marking direction and location. The study of these aspects has revealed the importance of the notions of ’path’, ’ground’ and ’figure’ (Talmy, 1985). The purpose is to design a study that brings us closer to understanding the linguistic expression of location and direction in Mocoví, considering the resulting structures and combinations. Furthermore, we intend to discuss the morphological nature of the marks involved and to provide data on a South–Amerindian language by means of which the process of conflation (Talmy, 1985) is accounted for in verbs of motion.



location; direction; conflation; morphology; Mocoví language; verbs of motion; Guaycuruan languages

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