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Anita Hrnjak, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb


In Croatian phraseology, until recently, there has not been a systematic research of gender elements 
in idioms. Gender has remained almost entirely outside the scope of research interest of Croatian 
phraseologists. In order to fill this gap in the linguistic study of gender, extensive research was conducted 
into gender-marked idioms, which is presented in this paper. The research included gender-marked idioms 
of the Croatian language in comparison with Russian idioms as an attempt to show how gender stereotypes 
appear on the phraseological level in Croatian and Russian and how the concepts of MASCULINITY 
and FEMININITY are formed in the two languages by using phraseological mechanisms. The results of 
the research have shown how gender is generally conceptualized as a socio-cultural category and how 
the concepts of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ are created on established images and stereotypes inherent in the 
phraseology of these two related languages and cultures that use them. Furthermore, the research has 
confirmed the assumption of the dominant similarity between the conceptualization of ‘woman’ and 
‘man’ in the Croatian and Russian androcentric oriented culture as reflected in phraseology and has shown 
insignificant differences, conditioned by specific national and cultural stereotypes and the established 
notions of the gender roles among individuals of both sexes.



phraseology; gender stereotypes; Russian language; Croatian language

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