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Sofija Gadzhieva, e-mail, Gamzat Cadasa Institute for language, literature and art, Daghestani federal research centre of the Russian academy of sciences, Mahachkala


Th e paper discusses the questions of the contrastive study of the converb in two Daghestanian languages, Dargwa and Lak. Th e formation of the three taxis forms found in the simple (contextual) converbs (anterior, simultaneous and posterior) is analyzed and compared in contrastive aspect. Th e contrastive analysis allows revealing a number of structural parallelisms in the morphology of the simple converbs in Dargwa and Lak. In the general list of the structural parallelisms special attention is given to those parallelisms in morphology of Dargwa and Lak converbs, which are not shared by the other Daghestanian languages.


 converbs, language formation, contrastive study, Dargwa, Lak


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