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Miranda Levanat-Peričić



Hindo language belongs to the group of languages characterized by specific split–ergativity pattern caused by aspect. This paper primarily tries to light and explain connection between aspect and ergativity in Hindo starting from assumption that each one represents an independent phenomenon functioning on specific way in grammmar of every single language. The purpose is to find out that aspect on which ergative construction is leaned in Hindo.
Although grammars and textbooks of Hindo mention two different types of ergative constructions, second part of this work considers an issue whether both of them are actually ergative, so that analyzes differences between them in the light of the nominal hierarchy (of animacy) and of the hierarchy of transitivity.
The research on ergativity and aspect in Hindo led to the question whether there are more than one split-conditioning factor and whether semantic nature of the verb and semantic nature of the NPs play important roles in Hindo split-ergativity pattern. This paper represents just an attempt to grasp whole complexity of such questions impos



ergativity, aspect, Hindo language


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