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Katja Dobrić Basaneže, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Faculty of Law, Rijeka




Extended units of meaning (Sinclair 2004) have been scarcely investigated thus far in legal 
phraseology with the exception of research into lexical bundles (Goźdź–Roszkowski 2006, 
2011; Kopaczyk 2013; Breeze 2013; Tománkóva 2016; Biel 2017). This paper is therefore 
an attempt to show that the Sinclairian wider–context–perspective may prove to be especially useful for the study of phraseological units in legal genre since it helps us to reveal 
their collocational framework, allowing both grammatical and phraseological patterns 
to emerge. The paper focuses on extended ‘term–embedding collocations’ (Biel 2014b) 
extracted from the English and Croatian comparable corpora of contracts by means of 
WordsmithTools 6.0 (Scott 2012). It highlights some of the most striking examples supporting the above hypothesis and it accounts for their interpretation by means of analysing 
the extralinguistic context of phraseological units in contracts. It may be suggested that 
this study represents an attempt to fill a gap in research on legal phraseology due to the 
fact that private legal documents tend to be largely underrepresented in this specialized 
phraseology. It may also be suggested that by focusing on extended units of meaning 
in legal Croatian the paper attempts to fill yet another gap in corpus–based studies of 
legal language, which tend to be largely Anglocentric. Finally, the paper may, apart from 
revealing the stability of legal phrasemes, also represent a useful resource for translator 
training since it offers the wider context of a term or an expression in contract language. 



language corpora, extralinguistic context, extended term–embedding collocation, collocations, legal contracts


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